There are many challenges for industrial lubricants at all chemical manufacturing and processing plants. These include continuous operation, temperature extremes, and contamination from chemicals, water and particulates. Despite the challenging conditions, the lubricant still has to perform to ensure that all the equipment continues to function. This can be difficult if you do not have a lubricant reliability programme.

Protect your equipment and profits by investing in industrial lubricants that exceed specifications and reliability products that keep the lubricants clean and dry throughout their expected life. This can help reduce costly repairs and unnecessary downtime. These investments will pay for themselves by:

  • Reducing friction, heat & wear
  • Decreasing oil temperatures
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Extending oil change intervals
  • Extending equipment life
  • Increasing production
  • Decreasing waste oil

To ensure operational success, look for lubricants that exceed equipment specifications. Look for a supplier like Lubrication Engineers that can provide you with all of the elements of a lubricant reliability programme, helping you design and implement a comprehensive programme tailored to your needs. LE offers full-service support for chemical manufacturing and processing plants.

Getting started with a lubrication reliability programme

There are several areas for improvement at chemical manufacturing and processing plants that can go a long way to making your operation run smoother and more efficiently. Here are some places to start: electric motors, compressors, and oil analysis programme.

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