Fuel Supplements

LE offers fuel supplements for light- and heavy-duty trucking, as well as passenger cars. Regardless of the severity of conditions experienced by your vehicle or fleet operation, LE’s multifunctional fuel additives are designed to enhance engine performance and efficiency.

LE’s fuel supplements should be considered if your engines are experiencing any of these problems:

  • High fuel consumption
  • Less than maximum horsepower
  • Abnormal metal wear
  • Dirty engine components
  • Short engine life
  • Corrosive wear
  • Fuel system corrosion
  • Water damage
  • Excessive exhaust smoke emissions

Protect petrol engines and benefit from better fuel economy

As petrol costs continue to climb, drivers are looking for value for money by improving the efficiency of their engines. LE’s L-X® Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement is a simple solution for improving fuel economy and engine performance. Originally formulated for heavy-duty industrial fleet applications, it is also ideal for use in petrol engines of personal vehicles. LE’s chemical fuel supplement can maximize engine performance and reduce fuel costs for many types of petrol engines including farm vehicles, trucks, buses, construction equipment, and even garden equipment such as lawn mowers.

Keep diesel engines clean and maximize fuel economy

Low fuel economy and poor engine reliability are common for industrial diesel engines. LE’s two diesel fuel additives help fleet customers improve diesel engine performance by keeping engines clean and maximising fuel combustion. Fuel costs, downtime, expensive maintenance and repairs, and emissions are consequently reduced. Both of LE’s diesel fuel treatments provide year-round performance, with one specially formulated for optimum cold weather performance.

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Fuel Supplements