Gear Oils

Lubrication Engineers manufactures a full line of open and enclosed gear lubricants using 100% highly refined base oils or 100% synthetic base products for all gearbox applications.

LE gear oils include:
  • Open gear oils
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Worm gear oils
  • Automotive gear oils
  • NSF H1 food grade gear oils

LE’s quality and durability in high-performance gear lubes will mean greater productivity and lower maintenance costs for customers through extended equipment life, less downtime and fewer repairs.

To watch a video of our gear oil demonstration in action, click here.

Benefits of using LE Gear Oils:
  • Exceptional wear protection
  • Superior oxidation resistance
  • Nonfoaming characteristics
  • Water separation ability
  • Long service life
  • Versatility


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Gear Oils