Industrial Oils

LE’s industrial oils cover a wide range of applications, including long-service-life equipment, applications with the possibility of food contact, outdoor applications in marine environments and extreme-temperature applications. LE’s industrial oil offerings include an extensive array of ISO grades. Each of these oils feature at least one of LE’s unique performance-enhancing additives, including Monolec®, Quinplex® or Duolec®.

Included in LE’s industrial oil offerings are our Multilec® oils, which are multifunctional oils that can be used for air compressors, hydraulic systems, bearings and R & O gears. Multilec oils are an all-in-one solution enabling product consolidation in industrial plants.

LE industrial oils encompass 15 major categories, ranging from gear oils, air compressor oils and hydraulic oils to rock drill oils, turbine oils and low-toxicity oils. Features and benefits include anti-foam, anti-wear, high-viscosity, thermal stability and high load-carrying ability. Among the oils in the LE line are semi-synthetic or fully synthetic, some that meet NSF H1 requirements for incidental food contact, and some that meet USDA H2 criteria for non-food contact areas of food processing plants.

Benefits of LE’s industrial oils

Key benefits of LE’s industrial oils include rust prevention, resistance to acid hydrolysis, and meeting or exceeding OEM requirements for a wide range of plant applications.

Our specially designed industrial oils continually outperform conventional oils in numerous applications. Air compressors, hydraulics, centralized lubrication systems, and construction equipment all benefit from the superior LE formulations, which contain the right base oils and the right additive packages for each piece of equipment.

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Industrial Oils