Industrial Greases

LE International Ltd. has an extensive range of high-performance industrial greases. The LE grease line includes highly versatile, general purpose, heavy-duty, NSF H1 food grade, multifunctional and extreme pressure (EP) products, all of which provide superior performance versus conventional greases. LE’s greases are formulated with various thickeners and in a range of NLGI grades.

Key features include excellent load-carrying ability, mechanical stability, low oil separation rates and high dropping points. These ensure that LE greases are effective for many industrial and fleet applications, including high-temperature and high-moisture operations.

Cost-saving industrial grease formulations

LE’s greases are designed for a variety of industries and applications to provide protection for components and parts such as bearings, bucket pins, wire ropes, slides, chains, chassis and open gears. Key benefits include reduced wear and operating temperatures, longer equipment life and service intervals, increased efficiency and uptime, less grease consumption, and reduced maintenance.

Common applications for LE greases include:

  • Centralized automatic lube systems
  • High and low temperatures
  • High and low speeds
  • Friction and anti-friction bearings
  • High- and slow-speed bearings
  • Open gears


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Industrial Greases