Lubricant Storage

For businesses to get the most out of their industrial lubricants it is essential that the lubricants are kept clean and free of contamination. Contamination often starts in the lube room or storage area for lubricants. It is therefore important to keep these areas as clean and user friendly as possible.

LE has many years’ experience helping customers to improve their lube storage facilities, with the aim of creating world class lubrication storage rooms. The improvement of a lubricant storage facility involves the following steps:

  • Consolidating lubricant inventory and reducing amount of space needed for storage
  • Identifying and color-coding lubricants to increase efficiency and reduce mistakes
  • Reducing or eliminating contamination before it creates problems
  • Improving safety

Options for upgrading your lubricant storage area

LE have partnered with a number of companies who specialise in creating world class lubricant storage facilities including IFH Group and Fluidall. These companies provide many high quality options for improving lubricant storage facilities and include equipment such as stackable storage containers, dispensing equipment and contamination control.

For more information on these partner companies and the services they offer please click here