Lumber & Wood

When it comes to lubrication, there are four specific areas of concern within the forestry industry: logging, hauling, wood yard and saw mills. LE has great experience within each of these areas.

Modern tree-farming practices on both company-owned and private woodlands, together with the use of saw mill slabs and edgings, have made it possible to use trees that were thought valueless for the production of paper and allied wood products just a few years ago. Portions of trees once left in forests after logging, and wood scrap once burned as waste in lumber manufacturing, are now converted to paper and other pulp products. Some pulp mills operate entirely on chipped wood left over from nearby mills and saw mills, so not one additional tree need be harvested to supply them.

In dealing with environmental issues such as clean air and water quality standards, LE products and services offer benefits t hat far outperform those offered by our competitors. An excellent example of this is the introduction of our Low Tox® hydraulic and turbine oils.

Challenges & opportunities

Equipment used in the lumber and wood industry has been modified and improved in design for greater efficiency. Higher production rates impose great demands on the lubricants because higher speeds, greater loading, and longer operation are key factors in achieving the increase. The result is a need for high-quality, high-performance lubricants.

These lubricants must be able to withstand abrasive and corrosive contaminants such as fine sawdust, moisture, hot and cold operating environments, acids and caustics. Heavy loading and high speed operation also place demands on the lubricants. LE lubricants are formulated to operate in these severe environments with unprecedented performance levels.

LE lubricants are engineered to handle moisture, heat and high loads and perform when other conventional or specialty lubricants provide short-lived or ineffective performance.

LE lubricants are designed to be environmentally friendly while prolonging equipment life, reducing downtime and increasing uptime. The cost-effectiveness of LE lubricants helps strengthen company profits.

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