Oil & Gas

Lubrication Engineers offers a range of lubricant and reliability solutions for oil and gas field operations, including for drilling equipment. These solutions can combat the many challenges in this industry, including friction, heat, wear, extreme pressures, contamination, oil leakage, foam, sludge and rust. These problems – if not dealt with – can lead to increased downtime, decreased production, shortened lubricant and equipment life, and frequent parts replacement.

Putting clean lubricant into your equipment and keeping it clean and dry is more efficient and cost-effective than removing contaminants after they have entered the system and lubricant. To do this, you need a comprehensive lubricant reliability programme that includes the right lubricants, the appropriate reliability tools and training for key personnel. Lubrication Engineers has the products, services and expertise to help our oil and gas customers with the right solutions.

Chosen correctly and cared for properly, LE’s high-performance lubricants can protect equipment, lengthen lubricant life, decrease downtime and increase production. LE lubricants are also environmentally friendly because they reduce the amount of waste oil and filters requiring disposal.

Benefits of LE’s lubricant reliability programme

With LE’s lubricant reliability programme, oil and gas field operations can experience many benefits, including:

  • Extended oil drains & regreasing intervals
  • Decreased friction & increased wear protection
  • Complete water-oil separation
  • Sealed-out contaminants & longer seal life
  • Elimination of foam & sludge
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Protection from water & rust
  • Reduction in bearing replacements

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