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Large open gears tend to have extreme operating conditions all day, every day. These include extended service operation, high levels of contamination, and outdoor environments. LE’s Pyroshield® line of heavy-duty open gear lubricants are designed to protect the valuable open gears of ball mills, rod mills or breaker mills. Pyroshield is the open gear lubricant solution for extending the life of these gears, lowering lubricant consumption, and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Pyroshield meets or exceeds all relevant manufacturer specifications for open gears and is used in a variety of open gears all over the world, including in cement mills and kilns, metal and mineral mining operations, and coal power generation facilities.

Pyroshield’s ability to protect open gears from extreme pressures, heavy loads and high temperatures is unparalleled. It appears translucent during use, meaning that open gears can be visually inspected with the use of a strobe light. Due to its tackiness, Pyroshield clings tenaciously to the gear.

After years of proven performance with its Pyroshield lubricants, LE improved the formula even further by removing all heavy metals and lead. LE also increased the film strength of the lubricants, making them easier to pump through automatic lubrication systems, and raised the viscosity index of the lubricants, removing temperature-based fluctuations.

Apply manually or with automatic lubrication systems

Pyroshield can be applied manually or through automatic spray systems. When Pyroshield is used in an automatic lubrication system, it will not clog the lube system and there are no solids to block or abrade measuring valves. Pyroshield will not accumulate on nozzles, or clog and interfere with the spraying process.

No shutdown during conversion process

The Pyroshield open gear conversion process is seamless; it does not require that the equipment be shut down. LE’s expert lubricant consultants work with their customers during the conversion process to ensure success.

LE can provide lubricant and reliability recommendations for various open gear applications, and product-specific data to confirm decisions.

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