Paper Products

Paper and pulp manufacturing plants use a variety of equipment in their manufacturing process. Lubricant is an important part of keeping the equipment running efficiently and lasting for a long time.

Challenges & opportunities

The lubricated equipment at paper and pulp manufacturing plants experience a variety of challenges, including moisture, acids, sawdust, heavy loads and high speeds. Lubricant performance affects the success of the operation, with downtime and parts replacement being an expensive problem. In addition, sufficient labour is needed to ensure that adequate, timely lubrication is protecting the equipment.

Common challenges for paper and pulp plants include:

Washers & beaters – Water and acids are constant production problems.

Grinders & fourdriniers – Sharp thrust-loads during grinding and pumping, combined with high-speed operation, can make grinders and fourdriniers run extremely hot.

Calendar with open gears – Exposed gear teeth on the spur gear of a paper roll calendar experience a rapid rate of wear because of fast speed and heavy loads

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