Perma Single Point Lubricators

The smallest malfunction, even if it only affects one component of the equipment, can cause machine breakdowns resulting in high repair costs. Production downtimes that are caused by incorrect lubrication can be prevented with automatic Perma lubrication systems. On electric motors, pumps, blowers and in hard to reach places, Perma lubrication systems guarantee uninterrupted, maintenance-free, long-term lubrication from 1 to 24 months. They also prevent contamination caused by dust, moisture and others by hermetically sealing lubrication points.

Perma single-point lubricators:

  • Ensure critical applications receive lubricant 24/7
  • Eliminate application of the wrong lubricant, avoiding costly cross-contamination issues
  • Eliminate under- or over-application of lubricant
  • Increase safety levels with installation in hard-to-access locations
  • Hermetically seal lubrication points, keeping dust and moisture out of the equipment

The following are some of the PERMA Lubricators that are available through LE:

Electrochemical Single-Point Lubricators

Perma Classic Single-Point Lubricator

Perma Futura Single-Point Lubricator

Perma Flex Single-Point Lubricator

Perma Nova Single-Point Lubricator

Electromechanical Lubricators

Perma Star Vario Single-Point Lubricator

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