Whether it is powered by fossil fuels or renewable fuels, the demand for power continues to grow globally. Increasing pressures are being placed on the power industry to perform as efficiently and reliably as possible. There has never been more need for high-performance, long-life lubricants that can help reduce maintenance and operating costs and banish expensive downtime.

Conventional lubricants simply cannot meet the demands of the huge, expensive equipment located in power plants. Lubrication Engineers works closely with a range of power companies globally – in coal-fired plants, hydro plants, and in the booming wind industry.

Due to the unique additive technology and high-quality base oils used by LE, our lubricants perform extremely well under the severe operating conditions found in these industries. Particularly successful LE lubricants for power companies include:

Monolec® turbine oils – LE recommends these turbine oils for use in mainline turbines such as Siemens, Alstom and Westinghouse.

Pyroshield® open gear lubricants – These synthetic lubricants provide outstanding wear protection to critical ball mills and other expensive, heavily loaded open gears.

Duolec® gear oils (1600 series) – LE recommends these for extended service life due to the EP, nonfoaming and water-resistant characteristics of the oils.

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