Refuse & Waste Systems

Garbage or refuse collection vehicles include garbage, scrap (roll-off), dumpsters, compactors and yard trash collection units. Lubrication Engineers offers lubricants to help meet the harsh conditions caused by dirt, moisture, heat and cold.

Truck engines – The transport trucks used by waste disposal companies run for long intervals with a lot of stop-and-go driving, setting and idling. The environment is usually very damp and dirty with a wide temperature variation. This type of service can cause extensive soot accumulation and possible full dilution of the engine oil. For these situations, LE recommends:

  • Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil (8800)
  • Monolec® Ultrablend Engine Oil (8130)
  • Monolec® GFS Engine Oil (8430-8440)
  • L-X® Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement (2300)
  • Diesel Fuel Improvers

Automatic & powershift transmissions – Trucks may be equipped with either a manual transmission or with a powershift/automatic transmission. Dirt, moisture, heavy loads and overheating can be common problems due to frequent stop and start driving. LE recommends:

  • Monolec® Syn Multi-Vehicle ATF (1150)
  • Monolec® Power Fluid (7500)

Manual transmissions – LE recommends:

  • Monolec® Gear Lubricant (703-704)
  • Monolec® GFS Engine Oil (8450)

Standard differentials – These are manufactured by Eaton, Rockwell and Spicer/Dana. Common problems: dirt, moisture, shock, heavy loads and start and stop driving. For these concerns, LE recommends:

  • Duolec® Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricants (1600 series)
  • Monolec® Gear Lubricant (703-704)
  • Synolec® Gear Lubricant (9920)

U-joints and suspensions – These include drivelines, kingpins, spring shackle pins and steering components. Typical issues include dirt, moisture, shock, heavy loads, stop and start driving and driver abuse. For these concerns, LE recommends:

  • Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant (3752)

LE also carries products designed for wheel bearings, hydraulics, chains and cables, tracks and open gears. For recommendations, talk to a lubrication specialist by contacting your local LE distributor.

For more information on all of LE’s refuse and waste systems relevant products, click here.