Sand & Gravel

Lubrication Engineers has been serving sand and gravel industry customers all over the world for many years and understands the needs of this industry. The harsh environment demands superior lubricants, and LE products are up to the task.

The progression of sand and gravel operation begins with a source, such as a pit, dry river bed or wet river bed. The sand and gravel is retrieved by means of a drag line, dozer, loader or a dredging operation. The material is hauled, pumped or carried by a conveyor to screens, where it is screened to various mesh sizes. The different mesh sizes are usually carried by a conveyor to a location where it can be hauled away or stockpiled for future use.

Challenges & opportunities

Engines – All rolling stock such as loaders, dozers, draglines, trucks, pick-ups and cars have engines. Floating dredges, pumps, conveyors and screens could also be powered by engines. These engines are used in some of the most severe conditions such as dirt, moisture, heat, cold, heavy-shocking loads and sometimes continuous operations. LE’s outstanding engine oils and fuel supplements are a proven solution to these challenges.

Transmissions – Also found in rolling stock, torque converters and manual transmissions encounter problems including moisture, dirt, grit, dust and heavy loads. Recommended LE products include Monolec® Syn Multi-Vehicle ATF (1150) and Monolec® Power Fluid 7500. For manual transmissions, use Monolec Gear Lubricant (703-704).

Differentials, gearboxes & open gears on draglines – Typical problems encountered include wet, dusty, hot and cold operating conditions, vibrations, heavy shock loads and long continuous operations. LE recommends its Duolec® 1600 series gear oils. Another recommendation is LE’s highly successful line of Pyroshield® synthetic open gear lubricants.

Hydraulics – Found on levelling cylinders, dozers, loaders and dump trucks, hydraulics experience problems including continuous operation in dirty wet environments and heat-related problems such as foaming, leaks, fading and chattering. LE recommends its Multilec® 6800 series line of industrial lubricants.

Cables – Used on draglines, winch lines and tie downs, cables are made of strands that work against themselves. Being run on pulleys, sheaves and spools of drums puts lines through severe conditions. Dirt and water get into the cable strands and cause abrasion, rust and corrosion. LE recommends its Wirelife® line of wire rope lubricants.

Electric motors – All equipment not powered by gasoline and diesel engines is powered by electric motors. The most common applications include dredges, water pumps, conveyor belts and screens. Problems experienced by the electric motors include dirt, water, heat and continuous operation. LE recommends Almaplex® Industrial Lubricant (1274-1275) and Monolec® Extend EM Grease (1282).

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