Steel Industry

The steel industry’s extreme manufacturing conditions such as high temperatures and loads provide the ideal environment in which to prove the outstanding performance of LE’s specialist lubricants.

Lubrication Engineers works closely with steel plant customers worldwide helping them to substantially increase their productivity by reducing their operating and maintenance costs. The wear protection provided by LE’s exclusive additives such as Duolec®, Almasol® and Monolec® provide unrivalled load and temperature resistance in critical loaded applications.

We recommend the right, high-performance lubricant for each application. For example, LE’s Almaplex® Ultra Syn Lubricant (1299) is grease designed specifically for extreme steel industry applications. LE’s Duolec® Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricants (1600 series) provide outstanding EP and wear protection for heavily loaded gearboxes in steel plants.

We also show customers how to protect that lubricant from the extreme conditions, particularly moisture and contaminants, using lubricant reliability solutions such as automatic lube systems and an oil analysis programme.

The right lubricants and lubricant reliability tools – combined with training for personnel – will reduce overall costs. Spend a little more in the beginning, and you will achieve savings that will more than pay for the improvements.

Challenges & opportunities

Hot strip mill bearings – To help hot strip mill bearings last longer, LE offers industrial greases that are very tacky and impervious to water, sealing out contaminants and handling extreme conditions. Automatic lube systems recommended by LE will ensure that the grease is applied adequately and consistently.

Gearboxes, speed increasers & pump bearings – Equipment used in the steel industry is often subject to high temperatures, heavy loads and shock loads, as well as contaminants – all of which leads to gear wear and failure. LE’s gear, hydraulic, turbine and other industrial oils protect against these tough conditions. Many of our oils have anti-foaming packages and excellent water separation properties that allow water contamination to be drained away.

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