Turbine Oils

LE turbine oils protect expensive equipment

LE’s turbine oils are trusted to protect most high-maintenance machines, including gas turbines, steam turbines and hydrolelectric turbines. LE’s premium turbine oils lower excessive temperatures and allow equipment to bear heavy loads with ease. LE turbine oils are available for units driven with or without reduction gears in a variety of ISO viscosity grades, including ISO 32, ISO 46 and ISO 68.

LE’s turbine oils meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer requirements for many turbines, generators and governors. They maximise value for long-service-life applications such as circulating oil systems, centrifugal compressors and turbine bearings by fighting off many of the common causes of equipment damage.

Our customers rely upon LE turbine oils due to their long life, wear resistance, excellent water separation, R & O resistance, nonfoaming performance and resistance to varnish and sludge formation.

Environmentally friendly turbine oil

In addition, LE’s Low Tox® Turbine Oils feature low ecotoxicity for environmentally sensitive applications. They provide outstanding wear protection and temperature reduction while minimising the environmental impact. This is crucial for applications such as wastewater treatment equipment, hydroelectric dams, paper mills, forestry equipment or water pumps.

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Turbine Oils