Xamine Oil Analysis

Xamine Oil Analysis

Why use Xamine?
By regularly examining the conditions of oil in an engine, gearbox or circulating system, Xamine can help accomplish two critical objectives:

  • Establish the best oil change interval for maximum productivity & economy through the use of LE products with their longer service life
  • Prevent unscheduled downtime of equipment by identifying abnormal wear, metal & contaminant concentrations before they cause major problems

How does Xamine work?
Xamine enables you to be more efficient with your use of lubricants and equipment. This programme monitors oil samples for mechanical, operational and environmental factors that can affect equipment and oil life. With consistent, accurate monitoring of the condition of your oil – whether in an engine, gearbox or circulating system – Xamine can help you improve your bottom line with less lubricant to purchase, fewer parts to keep in inventory, less used lubricant requiring disposal, less labor and less downtime.

What are the key benefits of utilizing the Xamine service?

Safely extends drain intervals
  • Documents that LE lubricants can still be effective even after an extended length of service
  • Lengthens the time between oil drains
  • Reduces the amount of lubricant needed
  • Maximizes uptime and minimizes maintenance costs
Stops minor problems before they become major ones
  • Identifies dirt, wear particles, fuel dilution, coolant and other contaminants early enough to address the problem
  • Prevents catastrophic failure or significantly shortened equipment life
Extends equipment life & maximizes asset reliability
  • Helps you get more out of your equipment by monitoring filtration efficiency and system cleanliness
  • Significantly reduces equipment replacement costs
  • Ensures that units are up, running and making money
Increases resale value
  • Provides valuable sampling history documentation
  • Justifies higher equipment resale values

LE International believes that the use of a regular, professional & economic oil analysis programme with LE lubricants is an integral part of any preventative maintenance & reliability programme.
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For further information on the Xamine programme please refer to the following
PDF  Xamine guide. (PDF - 2.24MB)