Xclude Dessicant Breather

One of the main causes of equipment failure is lubricant contamination, which can occur before the lubricant is even put into the equipment. Machinery “breathes” during operation due to the air expanding and contracting, and every time air is drawn into the equipment moisture and small debris are drawn in as well, depending on the location of the machinery and the operating conditions. This can lead to damage to the lubricant and equipment.

Desiccant Breathers help to reduce contamination

It has been shown in Industry studies that 50-70% of lubricant contamination comes from outside the equipment. As most machines are designed to “breathe”, it is important to ensure that the source of air is protected from particulate contamination and moisture.

< p>The following Desiccant breathers are available via LE:

Standard Disposable Breathers - Ideal for intermittent operation in transformers, storage tanks and totes.

Xclude High Humidity Breathers - Designed to work best with low-flow gearboxes and high-humidity applications.

Extreme Duty Breathers - Designed to take the abuse of vibration, temperature, and challenging environments, making it are ideal solution for mobile equipment, hydraulics, nautical applications, and more.

Rebuildable Steel Breathers - designed for high-flow applications featuring a rugged carbon or stainless steel housing to protect equipment from moisture and contaminants, even in the toughest environments.

Adapters & Accessories - Whatever the connection type and size required, we can provide what you need for adapters and accessories.