Xtract Oil Sight Glass

Xtract Oil Sight Glasses help maintenance personnel by providing an easy and continuous visual monitoring system to show the water contamination, colour, clarity and any sediment in lubricant. Some models are also equipped with easy to use drain valves to remove accumulated water from the system.

The following Sight Glasses are available:

Oil Sight Glass (OSG) - The original Oil Sight Glass is suitable for most applications. It enables an immediate visual inspection of the oil and allows for the draining of any accumulated water, using the springloaded drain valve.

Horizontal Oil Sight Glass when access is limited - The Horizontal Oil Sight Glass is designed specifically for equipment that is located too close to the ground to allow installation of standard oil sight glasses.

High-Temperature Oil Sight Glass - Heavy-walled Pyrex glass and Teflon end caps make the High-Temperature Oil Sight Glass suitable for use when the radiant heat from nearby equipment exceeds the temperatures that allow safe use of the other Xtract oil sight glass products.

Large-Volume Oil Sight Glass - Perfect when high water volume accumulation is a problem.

Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor (OSGL) - The columnar style Oil Sight Glass & Level Monitor is the all-in-one solution, allowing operators to manage oil levels, visually inspect lubricant condition, and easily drain off any water.

3-D BullsEye sight window for oil reservoir

Oil Level Indicator (OLI) - The columnar style Oil Level Indicator is recommended for monitoring the oil level inside large tanks, gearboxes or reservoirs when water contamination is not a problem.

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