Transportation & Fleet

Throughout its history, Lubrication Engineers has demonstrated to small owners and operators, as well as large fleet companies, the many cost-saving performance benefits of our lubricants. In today’s competitive market, opportunities to save money and maximise profits are increasingly important.

The majority of owners and operators haul freight for someone else. They are generally termed “for hire” carriers. All operators – no matter what they are hauling – are result based. The successful operators are the ones who make the most profit by getting the job done on time with the fewest costs. LE lubricants will prove their value by providing substantial cost savings from reduced downtime and longer effective equipment life.

Long vehicle life and efficient, economical operation are very important to owners and operators. Trucks must be in top running condition to ensure a profit. Just as an owner and operator would not buy the cheapest truck only to have it fall apart a few miles down the road, they do not select lubricating oils and greases on a basis of cost. Price enters the picture only as a portion of total costs.

LE offers a full line of exclusive, high-quality lubricants that ensure optimum performance in all truck applications (more info), including:

  • Engine crankcases (gasoline, diesel & LPG)
  • Differentials
  • Transmissions

LE engine oils are proven to last longer in service. Drain intervals can be safely extended because of our powerful extended drain package. By extending drain intervals and providing premium protection, owners and operators gain the following cost-saving benefits:

  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Reduced makeup oil (up to 50% less based on field tests, and even more in actual usage)
  • Reduced labour costs (fewer oil changes)
  • Improved fuel economy (reduced friction)

LE also has a line of premium greases(more info), for applications including:

  • Chassis & bearings
  • Wheel bearings
  • Kingpins
  • U-joints
  • Fifth wheels

For more information on all of LE’s transportation & fleet relevant products, click here.